Audiocast #1: Museum Anarchism Master Class

As a follow-up to my recent review of the  Anarchist’s Guide to Historic House Museums (Left Coast Press, 2016) today I had the privilege of speaking with authors Frank Vagnone and Deb Ryan. The two have been teaching university classes together for much of their distinguished careers, and the focus of today’s conversation is on how that teaching helps them to achieve a granular understanding of historic house visitor experience.museum_tags_banner

Museum Anarchist methods were largely pioneered by students documenting and analyzing their own experience in increasingly sophisticated ways. Video and sound mapping, movement studies, and Imagination/Energy/Excitement Graphs are just some of the techniques developed in the authors’ classes.

To listen to the complete episode use the player below, or click HERE for more options.

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The house with the agitprop teacups and bathrooms is the Matilda Joslyn Gage home (Fayetteville, NY).

The overnight stay was in Historic Richmond Town (Staten Island, NY).

Alice Austen, who photographed life in the Gay Nineties, lived in a charming cottage in Staten Island, NY.

 See p. 2 here for a one-page Ryan/Vagnone course description (PDF).

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