A New Grant for Preserving Canada’s Documentary Heritage


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If you’re a non-governmental history institution with archival holdings in Canada then you should apply for the Local Documentary Heritage Communities Grant. This is $7.5M in new funding (announced in June 2015), to be disbursed by Library & Archives Canada over the course of five years. Each grant has a cap of $100K, but it is renewable over five years so could be as much as $500K for a multi-stage project. The first-round deadline is Sept 4. 2015.

As indicated on the official DHCP site, funding is available to archives, privately-funded libraries, historical societies, genealogical organizations/societies, professional associations and museums with an archival component. The funding objectives fall under two main rubrics, namely:

Objective 1:  Increase access to and awareness of Canada’s local documentary institutions and their holdings.Conversion and digitization for access purposes.

Development (research, design and production) of virtual and physical exhibitions, including travelling exhibits;

Collection, cataloguing and access based management;

Commemorative projects.

Objective 2:  Increase capacity to better preserve and sustain Canada’s documentary heritage.

Conversion and digitization for preservation purposes;

Conservation and preservation treatment;

Increased digital preservation capacity (excluding digital infrastructure related to day-to-day activities);

Training and workshops that improve competencies and build capacity;

 Development of standards, performance and other measurement activities.

When seeking partners to help you achieve these objectives you will find a lot of help in the domains of research, exhibitions, interpretation and communications. But it is rare to find any such services integrated expertise in the preservation of artifacts, as emphasized in Objective 2 above. Our collections care services are what set us apart at smallmuseums.ca, so if you’re looking for support in that area please get in touch. We can integrate this artifacts-based approach with both online and in-house exhibition services.

Read the complete Local Documentary Heritage Communities Grant guidelines here. And learn more about us here.

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