DFO Timelines & Twitter Moments

I’m not sure how you stumbled on this hidden page, but welcome.  I’m using it to test out some material for a Dept of Fisheries & Oceans “Canada 150” project, and including some explanations about making suggestions about how they might be posted by DFO. – GL

Twitter Moments


1. Marketing Canada’s Fish and Seafood, 1913-1922

2. Canadian Coast Guard: Origins and History

3. History of the Canadian Hydrographic Service

4. Ministers of Fisheries, Oceans, and the Canadian Coast Guard


Twitter Moments

The following Twitter Moments (image-intensive tweet collections) appear in full on Twitter, and in partial form (the first 20 tweets) when pasted into a web page. Click the button below each tweet to see the entire Moment on Twitter.


1. Marketing fish in Canada: The early years

2. Aboriginal fishing in Canada: vignettes 1680-1960

3. Three centuries of fishing in Newfoundland

4. A century of sport fishing in Canada